Hand painted porcelain

March 20 th 2009

Circolo Ufficiali Pio IX, exhibition and event sponsored by the F.I.D.A.P.A (Italian Women’s Business Arts Professional Federation)-

ROME - Italy

March 9 th 2009

Painting and Graphics Art Exhibition – Belle Arti Academy - Techniques of incision Berto - Martin -

ROME - Italy

January 23-31 th 2009

“Licia Cilibrizzi prize” biennale,I edition-Foundation Mondragone-

NAPLES - Italy

Roma Roma Roma Roma

April 3 rd 2008

“Magic shine of the porcelains ” Personal-Grand Hotel Ritz.

ROME - Italy

Roma Roma Roma

31 May - June 3 rd 2006

“Magic shine of the porcelains of art” Personal- Circolo Ufficiali Marina Militare

ROME - Italy

24 September - October 4 th 2005

“The seasons” XXXII shows of painting – Il Castello Gallery

TRENTO - Italy

May 8-16 th 2004

Show “Bramarte Ceramica”-Casina delle Civette -villa Torlonia

ROME - Italy

September 21-25 th 2003

Show of art on the occasion of the European congress of the BPW (Business And professional women)-Hotel Midas Palace

ROME - Italy

April 4-6 th 2003

Biennial “Essere donna nell’arte “(f.i.d.a.p.a.)-Institute degli Innocenti


September 7-14 th 2001

“Florence creates “(f.i.d.a.p.a.) Gallery Via Larga


April 2001

“Arteinbanca: spring party” Fineco bank

ROME - Italy

November 15-22 th 1998

International Salon de the Peinture sur Porcelaine-Palais des Arts Guezira Zamalek

CAIRO (Egypt)

30 May - June 2 nd 1998

“Blue V Convention 98”-Palace Hotel

VARESE - Italy

May 8-9 th 1998

“The colors of the Mediterranean” (f.i.d.a.p.a.) - Hotel Artemide

ROME - Italy

28 February - March 3 rd 1998

Personal-Gallery “Visual Space”

ROME - Italy

Bangkok Bangkok Bangkok

February 18-22 th 1998

International Meeting of Painting on Porcelain - Hotel Hilton

Bangkok (Thailand)

International Meeting organized by the IPAT (International Porcelain Artists and teachers) in the splendid frame of the hotel Hilton that has gathered the works of the best international painters . G. Melodia has also held some seminars in English.

November 1-9 th 1997

III International Exhibition of the Arts of the fire “Painting and sculpture”

CUNEO - Italy

Nova Milanese Nova Milanese

June 1-8 th 1997

International show of the Arts of the fire-Villa Vertua (museum)


The 1 June of 2007 has been inaugurated the Permanent Collection of the Arts of the Fire (harvest of contemporary works of painting on Porcelain, ceramic, enamels on metals and glass fusion) near Villa Vertua, with the intention to promote the interest, the studies and the knowledges on the contemporary tendencies in the field of the arts of the fire. A piece of G.Melodia has been acquired by the Museum and it can be seen in exposure.




April 24-27 th 1997

“The Convencions internacional de pintura de porcelain y tecnicas to the fuego Hobbyceram” Casa de Vacas, Parque del Retiro

MADRID (Spain)

International show of third fire painting situated inside the park of the Retiro “Casa de Vacas “. The ceremony of inauguration has been done from the Princess Ann of Orleans. During the gala dinner G. Melodia has received an important prize for the modern technique. The jury was composed by the Conservative of the good of the Prado and the President of the antiquaries of Madrid.

January-April 1997

Exhibition in the “Teatro delle Muse”

ROME - Italy

January 16-20 th 1997

“Porcelaine: nouveaux regards” deuxieme exposition Marseille Mediterranèe de peinture sur porcelaine et faience


The show in the “maison de the Artisanat et des metieres of art“ has been organized by the AFADEP (Association Francaise of Artistes, Decorateur et Einsegnants de Peinture sur Porcelaine).

Kalimba Kalimba Kalimba

November 14-20 th 1996

“Kalimba” Show of painting and sculpture-Hotel Ivoire

ABJDIAN (ivory Coast)

a society of I furnish and design has exposed the works of its artists to the Grand'Hotel Ivoire, the most beautiful hotel in the city, for a week, during which an international group of ambassadors has visited the show admiring the sculptures, the pictures, the tapestries, the furnish original, and the hand painted porcelains of G. Melodia, only Italian artist invited to expose.

October 23-26 th 1996

“Techniques and decorums” creations on porcelain-Collective in the bookstore Messaggerie Paravia

MILAN - Italy

January 25-15 th 1996

“1° international Show of painting on porcelain” - Casino Municipale


Parigi Parigi

November 23-25 th 1995

“IIe Exposition internationale de peinture sur porcelaine du XXe siecle” association France-America

PARIS (France)

International Meeting organized in superb way by the lamented Carlos Spina, great teacher, that has devoted the whole life to the diffusion of the painting on porcelain. The exposure was entertained in a beautiful saloons with gilded plasters of a noble building, center of the association France-America, in front of the Grand Palais.

October 13-15 th 1995

International show of painting on porcelain in the Kongresshaus

Zurich (Switzerland)

July 1-16 th 1995

Show of painting and poetry - LABRO

RIETI - Italy

June 1995

National review of art and literature “Roma Fiorita “

ROME - Italy

April 1995

"Spring prize" - Collective of painting and sculpture in the Gallery "Il Leone"

ROME - Italy

April 10-20 th 1995

Collective of painting on porcelain n “Galleria Magna Pars”

MILAN - Italy

April 7-20 th 1995

Show of porcelain, glasses and silk hand paintings -gallery of art Velasquez

MILAN - Italy

December 1-8 th 1994

“Art and Craftsmanship of art” collective III-Galleria delle Stimmate

ROME - Italy

November 5-20 th 1994

“1° expositions Marseille Mediterranee de peinture sur porcellaine et faience” Italian Institute of culture


The international exposure has been entertained by the Italian institute of Culture. G.Melodia has received a special prize for her “workmanship with the gold.”

L'Aquila: Effetto Donna
May 2-24 th 1994

94 “ woman effect: the discreet charm of the beauty” Collective of painting and photo in the Forte Spagnolo

L'AQUILA - Italy

May 13-20 th 1990

1° Biennal exhibition of art” city of BORDIGHERA


January 7-12 th 1980

show of art Gallery of the Auditorium of the S.Leone Magno

ROME - Italy