Hand painted porcelain

Talent impregnates the porcelains painted by Giovanna Melodia, each one containing her personal imprint, almost the artist’s graphology. The stylistic reading that focuses on the expressive aspect and the evocative magic of certain tangles of the sketch and the suggestive shines of the color are integrated with the content of the images. Some subjects are prone to emphasize the chromatic values and to simplify those drawn , that also in some vases and dishes they reach a shut plot of exuberant hyperdecoration. In the technical ability is involved the art of the creation of magic evidences and the proposal of meanings.

Every background of color (the blue ones, the ochre, the golds) it is vibrating of a polyphony of secret harmonies, clear evocation of visions able to make themselves scene of the same artistic value of the Melody. The artist describes and draws on porcelain with forms penetrated of various symmetries that forgive their presence when they are soaked with reality, irreality, intelligibility that melts him and they combines according to the power of the dream…..

Liliana Speranza, Art Critic and Journalist for “L’attualità” and “La Voce Repubblicana”, from her review of the exhibit entitled Magic Shine of the Porcelain Art exhibit (2006)

From the periodical” Mondosposa” (1996) Fabio Cervoni writes:

The brittleness of the porcelains that has been painting for so many years with passion and great ability, well it is suitable to Giovanna Melodia. But it is only an apparent brittleness, behind which great tenacity, love and pride it is glimpse for the well done things ,culture. And so with great ability and pictorial sensibility are born its unique pieces, the white porcelains adorn him of elaborated again ancient motives, the modern forms of essential colors: they are the beautiful services of dishes with monogram, the centrotavolas, the bombonieres and the decorative dishes for the wall ,boxes, vases, lamps. A world of objects and subjects that draw life from an only artistic inspiration.

From Eurodonna the first European journal about equal-opportunities (2006):

“….. mystery hidden of the white mix of porcelain that has never stopped fascinating experts and impassioned “. A mystery in show in Rome in the Official rooms of Circolo Ufficiali della Marina opened in honor of Giovanna Melodia, “priestess “of the pictorial art on porcelain and offered to the public with big success, through a review of the works realized by the artist since 1970 to 2006. 36 years of activity, of love for this type of art, express in objects that, also of noble subject, is become, through Giovanna Melody ‘unique pieces of great artistic merit. Vases , knickknacks and objects of daily use. minutely decorated with technical skill and culture of the classical tradition, of the history. The brightness of the porcelain, is exalted and, contemporarily it exalts the interpretation of the beauty, the goal chromatic taste, that Giovanna Melodia succeeds in admirably transfusing in every though small line of her touch. And the result is precious: a perfect equilibrium among the subject and the spirit that it makes it alive and that it perpetuates in the centuries the ancient mystery of the art of the porcelain.

Carlo E. Bazzani